My experience with UMA accelerator contribution/research/growing


First impressions are important. Seeing the video from Zachary Dash made me realize accelerator is one of those. So I decided to help.
I connected my followees/friends and we would talk crypto. They aren’t famous yet so my interest in them is always much appreciated. They weren’t necessarily interested in technology. However, they were interested in solutions and progress that industry brings. Which is understandable. I contacted around 10 of them and 6 were interested in dipping their toes to the crypto pool.
The idea was 5 videos for all of the 5 topics. The result was 4 because I failed on my video.

They were happy to help and I would guide them through the crypto part. That’s how we made 4 totally different videos. I really enjoyed working with them on bridging the chasm between industry and entertainment content.

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