Name ideas for new crypto leaders video & podcasts series

Zach’s post:

:thinking: We are looking to start a new video and podcast series that focuses on interviewing crypto founders and creators. We need help with a name.

What should we call it?

XIO Feedback + 100 $XIO if we use your suggestion

Names submitted in channels so far:

  • Dashcam (John XID-88D3)
  • Flashcam (John XID-88D3)
  • Hashcam (John XID-88D3)
  • Flashline (Umar)
  • Cryptocam (Umar)
  • Cryptohut (Umar)
  • Cryptobytes/Cryptobites (Umar)
  • BuildingBlocks (David)
  • All Time High (David)
  • Meta Blocks (Umar)
  • XIO Shout Outs (@Raggawizard)
  • Flashbites (John XID-88D3)
  • XIO Pod Stars (@Raggawizard)
  • XIO Intercom (@Raggawizard)
  • XIOvation (@Raggawizard)
  • XIO-IOnU (sdude)
  • XIO Dashboard (Purple Lioness XID-0b69F)
  • XIO NewsFlash (Purple Lioness XID-0b69F)
  • The Crypto Experience (JJW)
  • Blocking It Out (Blake Glover)
  • X Marks the Block (Blake Glover)
  • Block Party (Blake Glover)
  • XCast (Saurabh Jain)
  • X-pand (Saurabh Jain)
  • Xplore (Saurabh Jain)
  • XIO in a Flash (Michael)
  • Flashtake to the Future (Michael)
  • XIO Now I Know (Michael)
  • The Flashcast (Michael)
  • Founders Keepers - Blockchain Pioneers (Nicolas Brulay XID-e6B05)
  • FlashTalk (Murathan Bagdat)
  • XIO Network Podcast (Michael)
  • XIO Podcast: Community Crypto (Michael)
  • XIO Network: Crypto by Community (Michael)
  • FlashTalk (XID-0C13 Jud)
  • CryptoTalk (XID-0C13 Jud)
  • Xflash_Interview (XID-0C13 Jud)
  • Distributed Legends (David)
  • X-Minds (Pedro Bruder)
  • X-Launch (Pedro Bruder)
  • FreshX (Pedro Bruder)
  • X-Lounge (Pedro Bruder)
  • X-Hours (Pedro Bruder)
  • FlashTime (Pedro Bruder)
  • Launcher Time (Pedro Bruder)
  • Launcher Lobby (Pedro Bruder)
  • Launcher Hall (Pedro Bruder)
  • Warp Drive (Pedro Bruder)
  • Warp Minds (Pedro Bruder)
  • Fresh Minds (Pedro Bruder)
  • Fresh Drops (Pedro Bruder)
  • Flash Minds (Pedro Bruder)
  • Distributed Minds (Pedro Bruder)

My proposal from Twitter is: “Founders Keepers - Blockchain Pioneers”

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XInxOut is my little shout

Good job @John - thanks for collating this!