Naming this Forum – #XIOfeedback

Naming this Forum – #XIOfeedback

The current name “social forum” suggests it’s a space to socialize. But what we do here is something different.

We create and discuss ideas, we give and collect feedback, we analyze strategies and concepts using the SWOT method, we prepare proposals to be voted upon, we play a vital role in governing the future development of Blockzero Labs.

The name “Social Forum” does work so far. Right now we are about to migrate this forum from the to the domain. Now the question arises what subdomain we should use.

Some suggestions and ideas are (check up to three favorites):

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Please provide more detailed feedback in the comments below. Which name do you prefer? Why?


I like “discuss” or how about “Blockzero governance”?

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I think “community” would fit in well in term of our subdomain because that is what supposed to be for our Citizen community to discuss and give the feedback.

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First of all, here were my choices from the suggested options:
Blockzero Thinktank
Blockzero Community

I prefer as the link, however, I like the Thinktank name.

I also quite like the link of governance.blockzero, however, if we could have that linking directly to the for Blockzero, I think we should save this link for that. Or just a governance page showing current, past proposals. They can link to then

A couple of names I quite like the idea of, that aren’t on the list are:

  • Blockzero Whiteboard

  • Blockzero Cabinet
    Going with a slightly governmental name here so not sure whether that reflects what we’re going for. But I kind of like the idea of considering it the Blockzero cabinet as that is where discussions, ideas are made

  • Blockzero Genesis forum
    Keeping in line with blockzero language

That is absolutely true. We surely can use a name different from the subdomain in place.

I would propose to call it the “Blockzero Mindmeld”, from the merging of minds and thoughts of the Vulcans from Star Trek.
I think this brings forth the kind of collaboration that we do here.

My first thought was “Thinktank”, but it somewhat proposes that we prioritize thinking and not also action.

How about we call it “blockzero social block” i believe this gives the impression of persons coming up with ideas for a main goal, whilst socializing and making use of one of the many meaning of the word “block” in blockzero and we use the domain for it otherwise blockzero community, blockzero social and blockzero forum are my picks they are more formal.

I selected community, discuss and forum as my options as I think all three represent what is trying to be achieved in this space.

I voted for “Blockzero Think”, because for me it is the most “blockzero-ish” name, if that makes some sense and for “something else”.

And by “something else” here would be my suggestions:

  • Blockzero Creative Pool

  • Blockzero Ideas
    Both more in the sense of “we create things here”

  • Blockzero Plaza

  • Blockzero Square

  • Blockzero City
    More in the sense of “we are a community and this is our gathering spot”

  • Blockzero Dialogues

  • Blockzero Debates
    More in the sense of “we discuss things here as a community”

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It doesn’t look like the team have as a domain as it links to an unclaimed page.
Maybe it’s an idea to pick it up and redirect it to


This is a good idea!

Maybe another name, although kind of older throwback to the 90’s:

should be “” error on my path

I will suggest BlovkzeroHub.

Subdomain would be


I really like mindfactory :joy::joy:. If not I’d settle for community. Maybe even hivemind as we all work as one?

Hello Jorno,

Thanks for putting this up, we should have a unique name as BlockZero, $FLASH, $AQUA, $XIO all are unique ideas. I liked smp (Social Mining Program) as it resonates well with “Proof of Participation” and the community citizen participation.

Few other ideas:



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i voted for MINDMINING: i like how the “mining” part recalls the blockchain and crypto space in general. it also shows how on the forum we mine ideas, proposals and minds. Actually, we could call it “ideas mining”

I voted for forum.blockzero if not that then I would vote for community.blockzero.
While a lot of the other names sound cool, they are not intuitive. For example thinktank is just confusing for a new investor.
Considering how complex blockzero already is to new investors, I think we should stick to well known and common names and not add more confusion by trying to be cool.
We also can’t forget that scams are very common in crypto. So any unusual names , might make people think it’s a scam version of our website.

I would go for Talk and, because its a lot about talking and the subdomain link is also straight forward.