New hashtag - #XIOreferral

We should reward members who actively promote XIO to help lift its profile in its journey to mainstream.


  1. Traditional referral system
  • the XIO Citizenship form includes a new referral field to input the XID of the referrer.
  • a tool to generate a unique referral URL for each unique XID that members can attach to their posts/blogs/profiles/vids, etc

To prevent creation of bots to game this, perhaps a bot is created to verify that the referring ID has minimum number of XIO in account?

The credits for basic referrals should be minimal, like 2 credits.

  1. Dynamic referral system

Beyond just basic sharing, some members might want to create quality content to promote XIO, like write up a detailed blog, or create an explanatory video, or create quality marketing content like ads and banners… These type of referrals should receive more credits, e.g. 10-30 credits. Perhaps there could be a basic grading system here like Saucy (basic), Juicy (intermediate), Sizzling (deep)… Not sure yet how the grading can be done objectively.

Members who create such content should submit an application for review (Typeform) with their XID.

They’re my initial thoughts. These should help toward XIO being a community built platform, just as it has already come so far.


I quite like your suggestion for referral system. Especially the traditional version. My only concern is the amount of credits for a referral person. We have to look at the credits in the whole ecosystem. I feel like bringing a new person is way more valuable than one “average quality” comment. I personally think it’s even more valuable than one high quality comment, which would suggest at least 9 credits. However I do see a problem emerging. That youtubers would always occupy the top 10/top 25 this way. This would then in turn discourage comment participation as there would be no chance to get to the top.
I am not sure how to solve that yet.

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This is a great concept and there are many software programs that handle the heavy lifting for affiliating linking and tracking. Maybe integrate one of these software programs to provide visibility for both the affiliate marketer (XIO Citizen) and Jorno to track this madness. : ). #XIOFeedback


Allrigth, that is a great suggestion, but what I have in mind is a bit further. Some time ago, during the ico craze, there were platform that automatically collected your “points” while you tweeted, posted on Facebook etc about your loved coin. They were called tasks and people would earn a lot of crypto tokens this way. What I am telling is thst we should have an automated system to track our xio credits awarded for miningful promotion of xio network through twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc…


@jorn can you pls fix the spelling in the heading, it’s seriously affecting my OCD and I can’t edit at my end haha

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I think this is a great proposal and something the team should take up for sure.

I especially like the idea of granting some sort of reward when citizens share/write about XIO on other platforms such as personal blogs, LinkedIn, etc. Imagine if we had all the citizens post on their LinkedIn profiles about XIO - how much traffic this would generate providing they have all their work colleges on there. It would really expose the project to a wider community than just crypto helping us to bring new citizens that could really make an impact.

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