NFT citizenship Growth proposal

I think it is now time to make Blockzero citizenship more exclusive and valuable. In the current system, citizenships aren’t valued in the way they should be. Anyone can become a citizen by just signing up to the forum. But what do they bring to the table? Do they even hold $XIO?

Proposal: To become a Blockzero citizen, you must stake 1,000 XIO for 1NFT which represents your citizenship. If you want to leave the citizenship at any point, simply trade back your NFT for 1,000 XIO and your citizenship rights are withdrawn.

Other communities such as Trustswap and Polkastarter use a model where you must hold a minimum amount of tokens to be eligible to participate in their ecosystem. Look at their success now. We should adopt a minimum holding model but go one step further and make it an NFT. Don’t be afraid to make this change thinking it will drive people away. It won’t, it will add value and exclusivity to Blockzero citizenship and I am very confident it will lead to an increase in citizenship.

Benefits of just holding XIO in this new model:

  • Get new tokens released by blockzero labs on a 1:1 basis.
  • No other benefits. If you want more, you must show commitment to Blockzero and stake to mint a citizenship NFT

Exclusive benefits of becoming a Blockzero citizen:

  • Claim a unique NFT
  • Vote on Blockzero governance. 1NFT = 1vote, regardless of how many XIO you hold. This makes voting fairer and whale resistant.
  • Get a multiplier on the new tokens released by Blockzero labs based on the length of time you hold your NFT (similar to current XLP multiplier). Example: from day 1, you have a 2x multiplier. After 6months, 3x multiplier. After 12 months 4x multiplier. If you ever exchange NFT back for XIO, you lose your multiplier.

Advantages to Blockzero ecosystem from NFT citizenship:

  • 1 citizen = 1,000 XIO out of circulation. 1,000 citizen = 1million XIO out of circulation. 10,000 citizen = 10million XIO out of circulation…
  • More citizens = more XIO out of circulation = higher price floor = more startups come to Blockzero for funding = a thriving Blockzero economy
  • A visual representation of citizenship via an NFT would make it more valuable and together with the exclusive benefits it would attract more citizenship signups. More citizens we have = the bigger our community = More startups approach us = More startup tokens added to index fund = higher price floor for XIO.

Disadvantages to Blockzero ecosystem of NFT citizenship:

  • No disadvantages

Future consideration: Cost of membership

Staking 1,000 XIO in return for NFT membership at current XIO value of $0.35 will cost $350. We can’t ignore the fact that this NFT model of XIO citizenship will drive up the price of XIO and there will come a point where 1,000 XIO will become too expensive. What will be the price where we consider reducing the XIO amount? This can be decided by community governance when the time comes. But just for comparison, Polkastarter requires you to hold 3,000POLS to take part in their ecosystem, which at current price is $11,400. Those who got in early paid a cheaper price. It’s good to reward the earlier supporters.

When the time comes to reduce the 1,000 XIO amount, existing NFT stakers will be able to unstake and restake with the lower XIO amount, but they will lose their multiplier they have built up.

I would appreciate if you would all take your time and make additional comments and proposals on how this idea can be improved and also place a vote if you would support this idea. If you do, we can pass it to the core citizens of Blockzero to make this an official proposal on and either implement it with the current XIO token or implement it with the future $zero token.

One step at a time we will make Blockzero labs the best decentralised project in the crypto economy. Don’t take your eyes off the prize. We are the innovators. The prize is global adoption of our model.

Many thanks.

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Not much to add. I really love this idea.

A good suggestion overall.
I prefer if we use commitment rather than exclusive.

I doubt NFT is the main reason behind today’s success of these projects, sorry couldn’t pass this without a comment.

Not in favor for this simply because stake and impact is a long established standard and it will be tough to break through. Perhaps there can be a transition phase where impact is reduced gradually and a big investor gets some compensation to stay onboard during the transition.
One option would be that the 100 biggest investors gets multiple NFTs and they need to distribute these NFTs by either passing them on to one of their referrals within 12 months or they are force passed on to new citizens.

Like this idea, but would prefer a smaller multiplier. 1.05 after 6 month 1.1 after 12 months the multiplier being connected to the NFT, meaning that the NFT can be passed on to another citizen, OR it is burned.

Zach has some thoughts on NFTs and mentioned this before. I know too little about NFTs but wanted to contribute a comparable suggestion. Alltogether a nice initiative you took and I am positive soon or later we’ll have some NFT :wink:

PS: Just saw after the vote that Zach voted No. Was I too positive?!
PPS: Is there a spoiler function in this forum? I’d prefer to have the PS hidden behind a click…

If you disconnect voting power from capital at stake you open up for byzantine attacks.
In your current proposal big investors can just distribute their XIO over multiple adresses and create NFTs. You don´t change anything. I can´t see how adding an extra step that involves high gas costs is a way to increase XIO citizen numbers.

I think the proposal is fundamentally flawed and voted No.

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I like the idea, but would a non-citizen be able to provide feedback or submit ideas? The setup of blockzero that anybody can add their thoughts and creativity is one that I really like. If you create a threshold with a 1.000xio (worth about 300 dollar/euro which might/will become more expensive in the future), you will also exclude people who might have brilliant ideas, but no money to enter.

Maybe there can be a way that you can earn your citizenship through comments and adding to the platform in more ways than only holding xio.

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I think XIO-ETH liquidity providers should be included automatically on par with the NFT holders/stakers as it is now. Obviously, liquidity providers have already pledged their commitment without a doubt.

Excellent point indeed. Kudos.

1000 $XIO for the first 500 members; when the number of members increase you may need more $XIO, say 1500 $XIO to join the membership for the next 1000 people.

This is to ensure that existing members do not give up their tokens easily and thinking to join later. It will cost them more to join the membership again.

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