Opportunities opening up?

What opportunities are opening up?

If we implement the idea of the Token Studio what opportunities does this present to XIO.network?

  • What current trends might help us?
  • Is there a need in the cryptoverse that we could meet with it?
  • Who can we target and how would that help us? Which other communities can we cooperate with?
  • (examples: networking, first-to-market, branding, community growth, capital inflow, …)

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DEFI WAVE! :woman_playing_water_polo:

the only real need in cryptocurrency world is the gainz. people want price action, so maybe with new tokenomics will come new interest

LID network = prevent rugpulls
Unicrypt= certified locked liquidity and prevents rugpulls

The trend is your friend until the end. I would argue that all trends can help us, we just need to find a good way to utilise them. The current trends I am aware of are Defi and nonfungible tokens - honestly do not see how we would implement the latter - it could be something we work into some of the new ideas that come out from the token studio. The rapid prototyping and accelerated schedules (less than three months) will be very helpful for this,

Not sure what you are asking here. My interpretation here is are there any needs in the crypto industry that we could meet?

As mentioned above by @Pseudotwit the only thing people care about at the end of the day is “gainz” :sweat_smile:

I just do not want to become another one of those tokens that jump on the wave of the newest buzz word to gain exponential traction then leave. This is great for my bags but leaves a bad impression on the community. This is one of the reasons I love the idea of the token studio, it separates away the risk from the main token. That being said, I feel like this should not give us free rein to just create tokens for the sake of new buzz words…

We want to attract people with ideas and vision. I am sure there are many people out there who have amazing ideas but none of the resources to implement them. We need these types of people desperately so we can kick start the token studio.

I do not think there is any specific community we need to be targeting at the moment. Each token will have its own list of people we should be targeting.

As someone else mentioned the main trends right now are Defi and NFT tokens. We are riding the DEFi wave as much as we can with the flashstaking and the potential other tokens (AQUA) so I think we are good there.
As for NFT we could take what MEME does and combine it with flashstaking. If you staked your XIO for some time you would get specific NFTs or points that you could redeem for NFTs.
Not sure if it would be popular, but people seem to like MEME’s NFTs so maybe they would like ours too?

We can have several targhet, e.g. a company that wants to create a token to authenticate its products, a website as a reward for watching adverstisements, an anti bribe system of payments, a game company as a way to buy upgrades and intems for the game and so on.

If we are able to nail this “token studio down” the opportunities are immense. Few areas which I feel present the most oppornity are:

  1. Become the Token studio of choice externally as well(not just for internal tokens) and unleash the true potential of XIO as a launchpad in long run.
  2. If we are able to perfect the concept of “Fair launch at low/no cost” this solves a huge problem for new founders.
  3. Crypto influencers can join as “Token founders” and have an inbuilt win:win for new tokens success.

Trends come and go, every half cycle or so there’s something new people are running towards and inn the end majority of projects/people get burned. The good thing about XIO is that it created its own trend and $FLASH will create its own trend and hopefully stick for good!

I dont see any community with same background as XIO, I think once $FLASH is launched people will come towards it and moreover new projects can be added as per the “trend”

As of now bitcoin is almost 16k and i think we are gonna see another 2017 but now instead of ICOs its gonna be yeild farming/flashstaking and the adoption of new ways to introduce new tokens to a community like XIOs token studio would be a game changer.

Absolutely! In the 2017 era we used to have ICOs & airdrops but the problem with that was people would dump the token as soon as they would recive them.
With the a token studio you have going go have a more sustainable and healthy way to distribute tokens of new ideas/usecases!

The crypto community large i would say, because this idea is new we need tl educate them on its pros and how it is superior to the old token distribution models.

One opportunity the studio will bring to the xio network is giving xio an ecosystem status either than just a regular project. So here xio will be more of like a parent token used in running an ecosystem that has the ability to launch other innovative projects.
One trend that might will be helpful to us is the fact that generally people like the idea of launchpads and projects that support or give rise to other great projects consistently. A typical example is the bnb token of binance. The idea of binance launchpad has been a large contributor to the growth and sustenance of the bnb token. Xio feeding on this trend would be beneficial to the project and the entire crypto ecosystem as a whole.

With respect to networking, I would say we should be very open and be ready to partner with other great projects that provide services like oracles, custody, publicity etc. If possible we should also bring on board very potent strategic advisors when the need arises. As we scale things would get tougher and we would need to get more and more partnerships to help out

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