Petition to Migrate to Discord

As someone who has been in crypto and has invested into many different defi projects Blockzero is one of my favorites. I love the ideas, the community participation, and also it’s potential to grow.

The only thing Blockzero lacks in is organization of information. For example, I am someone who can navigate my way around crypto project pretty easily even when they are complicated, but when I first join Blockzero it took me 2 days to find all of the information I wanted before investing. I didn’t know where to ask questions, XSI and XLP were not very well explained in the places I looked, and it was just in general confusing and overwhelming.

I know that separation of information is nice, but I don’t believe making a separate telegram group for every topic is the way to go. Instead, we should migrate to discord (or have both running simultaneously). I saw discord because that way when a user wants info on the project, it’s all in one place. One server, many channels. This would make things so much more organized and likely help inform new investors that would’ve never been able to invest if they had to navigate telegram.

I know where my thoughts stand, but in a Blockzero manner I believe we should vote on this and share any other ideas in the comments of this post.

React with “+3” to keep only telegram.
React with “+6” to have both telegram and discord.
React with “+9” to migrate solely to discord.

Please share and upvote this proposal to get it noticed and help grow the Blockzero community even bigger!

EDIT: Please use poll below ⇩

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Hey @YCG,
thanks for engaging here. To better see the results I added this poll to your post.
(I also removed the “question” tag above to allow for a better structured discussion here.

Discord or Telegram?
  • keep only telegram
  • have both telegram and discord
  • migrate solely to discord

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Thanks! How do you create polls like that?

Questions and concerns I have about moving to Discord:

If we had both telegram and discord, who should be managing and moderating discord? Will this take up more time from existing support and core citizens, to manage 2 places?

If we had only discord, would this cause more/worse friction than if we had just telegram, for onboarding new users? It would help to see a comparison of usage to illustrate this point specifically.

Does telegram have any specific functionality that we really need that we will lose if we move to only discord? Does discord have any limitations we should be aware of?

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There was a post like a month ago with the idea to reduce the amount of telegram channels, some people (me included) also wrote in that thread that the switch to discord would be a good idea. I really don’t get why to use telegram in the first place for such a project as there are much better solutions (like slack in times before discord got big).
There could be one server for Blockzero and all projects just structured in different channels. The information would be perfectly organized and easy to find and it would give the overview over the whole project.
It’s possible to use bots, roles for members, make channels for newcomers with onboarding material or secret channels for the staff all in one place.
Also there is a desktop and mobile app, so people can easy migrate.
If you want examples of how much better it could be just take a peek into the r/cc, nano, iota or uma discords, the community even open engages with the developers in coding which is just impossible in the current telegram setup where everyone is squished into one chat window.

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Hey @Araxus ,
we are taking the feedback and will be moving to discord soon.
Stay tuned :wink:

We have our own Discord server here: