Problems to be considered/solved. General questions

So as off flash problems i started doing some research for all blockzero projects. And i thought of some general questions you might wanna consider/solve:


So to join and participate in XLP program its required to have at least 1ETH which are some huge numbers to start with these days.

  • Can anything be done about that? To incentivize new LPs with smaller portfolios.
  • Leave your own suggestions for minimum LP amount.


About today’s video of flash problem. The migrating of the FLASH tokens to FLASH v2 is a very nice step.

  • How would that affect the tokens in existance?

  • Will there be less tokens/liquidity on v2 if people dont migrate?

  • How will it affect tokenomics?

  • If tokens that are staked are automaticaly migrated, and people who dont have it staked dont migrate that means on v2 chain there will be even more locked tokens than it was before?

  • What if you sell the v1 Flash now would you still get the v2 Flash because the snapshot was made before you sold?


About the potential Ethereum EIP (Ethereum Improvemet Proposal ) coming to life:

  • Will the gas problem be solved?
  • How would that affect blockzeros roadmap?
  • Ever thought about migrating to other blockchains?

Would like to hear some general feedback and thoughts, new ideas, proposals, solutions etc. This article is meant more for citizens and not so much for blockzero team (let them get their hands on flash).

Would be glad if i could get some debate from this post.

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I am also concerned about the bonus for early migration. If my flash are staked it seems unfair that I wont be able to qualify for the early migration bonus

Regarding ETH’s EIP:

  1. It is better to focus on the projects at hand and its delivery than to be worrying about what happens and/or if EIP happens at all. That said usability is always an issue with the current gas prices, of course. So why not almost always aim for a parallel deployment on, say BSC, as it is the most compatible with Ethereum now, necessitating the least amount of work, yet giving the maximum exposure that will also be used by the end-users.

  2. I have been moving some (about one-third) of the assets I manage to zkswap’s L2 wallet and trying it out. So far so good. I think Zks is very much production ready for any purpose and is fantastic. Why do we need to be working on L1 at all! Of course, it is the most widely accessible. My statement is partly rhetorical and also something very practical to consider.

  3. If a project can enthuse the users like Flash did – I actually discovered BlockZero via Flash! – then getting the users directly onto a working L2 solutions like Zks should not be a problem I think. Please feel free to be critical.

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Every fundamentally great project also needs a catalyst to make it work. I agree that $FLASH did some of that for BZ and I have an idea that $AQUA will go even further!

I would leave this be for now. I agree the numbers are huge at the moment, but so are the fees. It’s barely if not at all worth it for small time investors to pool right now, because of said fees. When ethereums fees are lower I would consider lowering the entrance barrier for the XLP program.

Alternatively they could leave it be and expand the XLP program via their other tokens ($FLASH, $AQUA), to strengthen each and every project.

I think the biggest problem for flash to overcome is gonna be consumer confidence. Alot of people have been feeling let down by the Flashstake v1 issues. It’s important people feel safe using Flashstake v2. I kind of expect a drop in price initially, because people will want to get out of the project after feeling ‘burned’ by Flashstake v1. Momentum is everything in the crypto world and Flashstake lost some of it.

I do not speak for myself in this regard, as I have a long term stake running in v1 and when done I will continue staking in v2. I think the project, regardless of issues, is amazing in concept.

Blockzero right now has focus on Ethereum based projects, which is fine. I think it’s worth considering other blockchains, but not exclusively and the focus should remain with Ethereum. I think migrating to other chains entirely is 100% shortsighted and will only benefit short-term gains and hurt us long-term.

I think Blockzero will obviously benefit from the future reduction of gas fees because projects like Flashstake are heavily handicapped by it (scaring users from using the project, due to losing alot of money in fees).

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I definitely agree that the volumes will be much higher if the fees on the Dapp is lower. Currently so many projects are looking at Matic(Polygon) or Fantom, Solana etc.

$AQUA will need to be launched where users want to be and where the fees are much less. You need volume in a liquidity pool to earn fees and even if you get 5% but the volume is low it will be better to get the traditional 0,3% with volume in the millions.