[read me] 🌡 Sentiment Check

Sentiment Check - How does the community feel about it?

The Sentiment Check is the first step on the path of creating an official proposal. Any idea the community explores can be evolved into an official proposal.

Within the Exploring Ideas Category (or somewhere else in the forum) there should already live some discussion around the topic. If not start it with an open discussion asking for general feedback and additional arguments. Present the general idea, providing relevant context and background information. This is a first step to find out what the community thinks and feels about a topic. Collect general feedback, ask for additional ideas and collect open questions.

Once this discussion has taken place use the Sentiment Check to decide whether to move to the next step, the focused discussion on a drafted proposal.

To perform the sentiment check:

  • create a topic in this category
  • provide an overview on the discussion around a proposed idea.
  • link to all relevant discussion on the topic
  • ask if the community agrees to move on with the topic by performing a poll

Do you think we should create a draft proposal to be crafted into an official proposal? (YES / NO)