Reduce XSI max payout to $500 (currently $1000) [proposal]

Currently XSI max payout should be reduced from $1000 per month to $500 a month. There are better ways those funds can be used like hiring/audit costs/bug bounty …juts few examples


To debate on something real, would you have the last months details of the rewards?

Like how much was distributed to the top 10, top 25 and top 100, and how much did it cost in total?


yes you are very much true…without any data just asking to reduce which was just discussed and reduced couple of month ago is not a best way

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I think we already have foundation funds for all these things

If anything is to be discussed, I would prefer that we first have the relevant statistics presented.


As the xsi program grows, the more inflation this causes. The question is, are we gaining a similar amount of value back. Can we gain some of this value through government proposals? Should we reward active participation, less with XIO, and more with active influence (weighted votes for example).

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We have already cut away XIO insider few months ago. I think another cut is too much. if this year blockzero go to moon we can think to do a capped XSI. But now it’s a good stimulus to increase our community and collect ideas.


Similar to former comments:

  • Appreciate reasons for change, what’s current status, what is the need and how much would the change help?

In retro perspective it might have been better to set stages comparable to the XIO LP. A badge of rewards distributed between active members. If we have 1000 active members the total badge increases, or it increases depending on the quality value collected in the former period.
A more adaptive model to cap costs associated with XSI.

On a sidenote, the current intransparency with regards to payout leaves plenty of room for cost reduction.

we need to know current numbers… what was the total amount given the last month?

Hey @jorn , is it possible to get some details on payouts that have happened in last few months ?

Is that amount for each person; i.e. the max you can get is 10% (or $1000) per month from XSI?

Think Max has a point here

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Thanks for having this discussion. In Q1 2021 a revision of our current system is due.

We will have the relevant data and a detailed proposal on how to adjust the reward structure compiled by the end of next week.


Curious what current payouts are.

Aside from that, as Zach has mentioned in his videos, “viral marketing” is an important part of early stage growth. I believe him to be right on this, but what are we currently spending to try to produce this? And it would appear that most of the points come from discussions and debates here. I see value in that for current community and future growth; however, likes, shares, retweets etc. are going to spread the word at a much faster pace than interactions within the ecosystem.

$1000 in value is quite a bit, page/profile promotion and ads may be more effective at increasing growth, than an individuals actions. Thats is of course if the individual is not a high level CT figure etc.

COVID-19 has introduced new obstacles for in person promotion. I was attending meetups, conferences, and events all over the country prior to this “set back.”

Without the actual numbers, I am inclined to believe that a cost benefit analysis of current payout would show negatively in an opportunity cost model. Again, this is without hard numbers and just based on an assumption of the curent value of these payouts…Don’t get me wrong, I would love to earn, but speaking honestly my web interactions wouldn’t provide the value I have the potential to make…In person interactions maybe.

In regards to both this and the discussions around voting power, I think that a joint NFT could be created.

I appreciate the “idea meritocracy” that Bridgewater Associates utilizes, where historic performance affects the weighting of future impact/feedback/voting power.

There is a lot to read on this topic and I do recommend reading Ray Dalio’s free book “Principles”, but the generic idea is that everyone’s opinion matters and while not equally, historical good performance increases its weighting and poor performance the opposite.

You could also segment the max payouts to distribute them according to outlet. e.g. You can only get a max amount of credits each via, twitter, fb, etc.

participation on: - $200 max/month
twitter - $200 max/month
facebook - $100/month

Then each category can be emphasized according to past results. Like, if we have found twitter to be the best outlet for marketing, then you can have the max at a higher level to encourage people to earn more.

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Following up on this thread please take notice of the update to the XSI Program. You find a detailed review of all 2020 expenses as well as explanation on all the changes put in place.

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