Renaming of #XIOflash HASHTAG

Since we made it to a new token called $FLASH it would be good idea to not mix phrase “flash” with $XIO. Tell me what you think. Any suggestions/ideas for the new HASHTAG name?

XID - eC809

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Hey ntrex,
this is a good suggestion. We actually have had very few #XIOflash campaigns so far. Moving forward we might change the hashtag though.

We also can already consider that we most likely will be transitioning the XIO token to a ZERO token. That being said our new #hashtags can cerainly either display #blockzero or #zero in their name.

Let’s see how the Tokens for Tweets campaign will take off. It might eventually replace the #XIOflash to some extend.


BlockZero is a powerful name and a unique concept. my vote is for #blockzero

I don’t agree. Now we have FLASH but AQUA will come soon. And after? Should we rename XIO again? I think no.
XIO will become BlockZero and it’s the token in the middle of the ecosystem where the other tokens spin around.
I think the other tokens should have their own independent name.

I think you misunderstood we wouldnt be renaming the token itself just the HASHTAGS we use for the XSI. And as jorno said the token might be transitioned to ZERO token instead of XIO.

Ah ok sorry bro I had not understood at all :sweat_smile: .however I think the same thing also for hashtags. All the tokens must have their own hashtag not mixed