🌡 Sentiment Check: Improve participation in votes

I am under the same impression as Sam:

And thus want to check if there are more who would like to improve voting participation?
Do you think we should create a draft proposal to be crafted into an official proposal? (YES / NO)

Should we address low voting engagement?
  • Yes
  • No

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If we follow the process the next step would be to compile the proposal.
Not sure if that is needed for such a minor suggestion.

My initial thoughts are that a simple calendar function could be added to the forum. e.g Google Calendar or Zoho.
Also sending out Emails or SMS will probably improve participation.

Please add suggestions and comments.


Thanks for making this. I’ve really been thinking about it recently. I’d like to see a couple of things:

  1. Better announcement coordination for when snapshot votes are made live (even last day too to prompt late votes).

  2. Perhaps controversially, I think some sort of small XIO reward for voting, coming out of the XSI pool. The XSI pool is huge, and we should use it more. Starting off with something like 100 XIO per citizen vote with over 1000 XIO cast, which would be claimable in the Claims dApp, distributed alongwith standard XSI credit rewards, etc. This seems like too many ways to gamify the system, but perhaps others have better ideas.


I like the second idea.
What if there was xio reward after each 10 times a person voted?
That would make sure that only people, who are engaged, get small rewards.

I also think unifying announcing of the voting is a good idea.

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yeah, I kinda like that. Every 10 might be a bit too many, but Every 3 or Every 5 could work well. If Every 5, then after the 5 consecutive vote participations, you would get 500 XIO deposited into the Claims dApp. Also, anything that makes it onto snapshot would count (like sentiment checks etc).

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People generally are not good at turning up to vote.
Yes I agree an incentive might help if you really are desperate to get more voting but I would rather use those funds for educating new investors or partnering with some influencers on social media.

I do agree with @samuelnathanrichards that announcements are not structured well. The last post on Telegram on the “Blockzero Labs News” Channel was on April 2.

When I asked about an announcement channel a few weeks ago I was told Blockzero already has one, but I do agree it is difficult to follow all that is happening on multiple channels and most of us are following multiple projects. Some just communicate better because of consistently using the same dedicated channel.



all fair points. I’ll just add though that “improve participation in votes” doesn’t have to include a financial incentive (I added that as a suggestion), but could just be better / more proactive communication methods / channels, like @FrankDaTank explains in the main post.


I think it would help if all new votes would start on the same day of the week. For example every wednesday and fi they were one for a week or 3 days. This way people would know to check once a week on Wendesday to know if there are some new votes or not.

Balancer uses a really nice system where they increase rewards by a certain percentage if a person votes. So for example we could increase XSI and XLP rewards by 10% if you voted in at least 50% of votes during last month. So if through XSI you are supposed to gain 1000 XIO you will gain 1100XIO.



  • The announcement process needs improvement (No community vote needed for this.)
  • If we were to pay people to vote, would we really achieve what we want?
  • Before implementing such a structure it would have to be proposed to and approved by the community.
  • KPI options offer great possibilities of creating such an incentivized process.

Hey @FrankDaTank ,
I see you are one of the first to make use of the sentiment check process here. It is still new and I am curious how it will benefit out discussion culture. As you said it might not be necessary to follow the described process in this specific case:

Why not look at the two aspects discussed so far separately, just as @samuelnathanrichards already said:

  1. improving the announcement process (make people aware)
  2. incentivizing the actual voting (motivate people)

about 1) Improving Announcements

some ideas have been mentioned already:

  • adding a calendar to the forum
  • using one central channel for all announcements
  • sending emails and sms about votings
  • using only specific days of the week to start votings
  • having one person leading this

I don’t think we’d need to create a proposal (and vote) about this. It is probably more about putting the topic on the agenda and making sure someone is taking care of it.

about 2) Incentives for Voting:

If we were to explore allocating XIO to pay (incentivize) for voting we should definitely put this to a vote. Before looking into possible ideas and their implications I would challenge the premise that we need more participation in our voting. I do agree that we should inform everyone well about all planned and active votings. If people then decide to not take part in it I think it is their own decision.

So my question here is:
What benefit would a incentivized voting participation actually give us?

If we really come up with valid arguments that incentivizing the vote has actual benefit, the following ideas can be elaborated:

  • make use of the possibility of KPI options, proposed by @samuelnathanrichards here.
  • take XIO from the XSI pool and pay people for voting.
  • increase XSI / XLP rewards if people vote

The idea of creating some KPI option to achieve this, I feel has a lot of potential. Things to consider:

  • how to avoid people gaming the system?
  • how to make sure people actually look into the topics they are voting on and don’t just vote for the sake of voting?
  • does it make more sense to peg our metrics on the voting power (amount XIO used) or on the number of individual votes?
  • should we include an option “I don’t care. Do what you want!” in every vote?

How do we know today there’s a vote?

I think a calendar in the forum would be great way to keep track.

If you get compensated in tokens when you vote that would probably have the effect mentioned above where people would vote just for the money. Maybe the process could be gamified by titles or throphys instead where voting would gain you something in the community you care about, rather than something that everybody in the world cares about which is money. Is a risk that people would sign up as citizens and vote just to get the compensation?

A title next to your UN and a medal or trophy for your profile cabinet with a votecount would be a cool idea (if people get motivated by that, I sure do).

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I think the easiest way is by checking:


Pending, active and closed are all there.
Otherwise they are also mentioned in the Telegram group:

And at times in the forum.