Should we have less Telegram groups?

As someone who joined the XIO community a few months ago I remember how confusing it was to figure out where to send my messages and where to get info on different topics. I feel that we should just have 2 main groups, a general chat for everything from support, to discussion, to xlp and xsi resources, and a second chat for just announcements, no chats. Obviously it still makes sense to give Flash, Aqua and other upcoming projects in their own chats, but the rest I believe would be better compressed. Please share any ideas for simplifying things for new/existing users.

TBH i don’t like the Telegram groups at all, it’s very confusing and nearly impossible to keep track of everything, but maybe thats just me. So i would go even further and switch over to discord as there could be one server for Blockzero and all projects just structured in different channels

There has been a discussion for a long time now, and I honestly don’t know what the argument is against using Discord. It is a way to keep all the different discussions in one place and get you up todated a lot easier. Can anyone elaborate why we shouldn’t go to Discord?

Discord would be AMAZING so much more organized, targeted muting, and good bot integration. To me it’s a no brainer

Absolutely. Telegram is a mess, overall!