⚡️ Should we use the Flash retro theme as the primary and exclusive style of the brand? #XIOfeedback


Currently, the Flashstake Dapp has two branding option.

The first option is a minimalist orange. The second option is the retro-style “Back to the Future” theme (double click the logo in the Dapp to see it).

The logic of doing this initially was to allow people to choose the brand that resonated with them most.

However, with the recent designs, we are proposing to the community to use the retro theme as the primary and exclusive style of the brand.

Let us know your thoughts by voting with your $XIO tokens. No gas required. Polls are open for one week.



Moving forward, just having one design to maintain would be most efficient. The orange one is nice, but it is nothing special or unique as far as branding goes and wouldn’t seem to contribute to brand recognition.

I think it would be appropriate to focus on the ‘back to the future’ theme as it sticks with the tag line of flash as well.

Probably yes, it would feel all like the same ecosystem.

Simple yes from me I like this better

Yes the retro design is something unique in crypto as far as i know. So it will help having a catchy design and it should be less work to just maintain one design

Ultimately I think having a united theme makes us look less indecisive and more professional.

While I was opposed to the back to the future theme in the past, I’d agree to going all in with it as long as whoever made these new designs is responsible for designing the rest of the content. Including flashstake.io and the stats page. Simply because these new designs are on a whole other level!

That said, I would like to see original graphics made specifically for Flash and avoid using stock photos like the delorian background we currently use which is also used on dozens of EDM/trap music videos on youtube.

If we can get a brand guideline to follow in the process that would be amazing too. This way community members can create content in line with the brand much easier.


I like the new designs in the image above, however I also like the current ones we have, and for me its not the biggest issue, I’m not really so focused on the branding but I would be happy if it was either left the same or changed. There many other people here more attuned to this side of things than me and I trust all of your judgement on the matter.

I will be equally excited about FLASH either way.

Let me first say hats off to the designer. You sir are great! That is genuinely one of the best app user interfaces I have ever seen.

I’ll be completely honest I don’t like the existing back to the future theme. I have my app set to the orange theme. However that being said this new redesign of the app with the back to the future colours looks really nice. It will catch any ones attention when taking this to market. Very easy to use interface, and the colours blend really well with one another.

Lets go all in with this new design and stick to one brand only. Im voting Yes!

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Originally I preferred the orange look, but looking at the dapp pictures now, I think t’s a really good idea. I like the retro design now :slight_smile:

I agree with some of the commenters here. Personally, I am not a fan of the current retro interface, so I use the orange one. But the mockups of the new interface look great and I think I would prefer to use it. The typography is more legible which is important to me from a usability perspective.

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Yes, keep the retro and use it going forward :+1:

I really like the “Back to the Future" and time travel reference

The black one with retro colors blue / purple is cool and also energy saving. I like it

I agree with alot of what is being said.

I like the current retro theme - BUT - i do not use it as it is harder to read - the £$ figures are not as easy to read - it needs refining alot before it can be the standard.

Black and orange is my current preference however if the new/retro theme was refined i would enjoy using it.

We need to remember the theme needs to support the function of the app. Look at uniswap - its so bare - yet has a strong brand identity and is extremly easy to use. < we need to remember that when changing or updating.

Absolutely yes.
More distinctive, with a strong character.
And more efficient to keep just one design.

Hello all,

My opinion is as follows:

1 design:

  • Better branding, people will recognize it immediately.
  • Less amount of work to maintain it.

The retro design in particular:
Looks awesome, unique and very profesisonal. Please, do!

Yes! Unify the brand and double down on time travel of money (direct back to the future reference is optional) + FLASH. It’ll be more memorable and conversational. PS: a subtle but satisfying flash of some kind would be nice when initiating a flashstake, some small animated element would do nothing too much.

Also, not sure if this is just me, but one of the most satisfying things I do in crypto apps is sent/receive payments in Exodus, I LOVE the “Swoosh” sound when sending, and the metallic coin sound when receiving, so that might be something to consider, but not necessary


I do like the retro theme in the new version.
Profesionnal, nice to see, distinctive.

I am not a big fan of the car of the current retro version, I don’t know if you would keep it.
It’s really linked to the movie.
I like the fact that everyone can feel retro but imagine whatever he/she wants, without having to deal with a car on the background.

I think like having move simplistic designs are more attractive. Users are not being overwhelmed by things that might cause things to distract from the UI (if we speak about the app). I think this is also a trend in big companies (Microsoft was simplifying logos of Windows through time), Apple did the same. In that way I think the current black/orange design is nice and slick.

On the other hand that design shown in the first post is damn good! Colors are nicely toned, there is no unnecessary graphical elements. Even though I’m more into something called “flat design” this gives some freshness to Flash. And my proposition would be, let’s not spend too much time on changing the UI and graphics again. Let’s spend the workforce on things that will make flash and further projects more competitive (design can come when the project will be well established).

if your question is about using the theme thats mentioned in the screenshot and newly designed then yes absolultely… those look pretty cool.

But if its about the current theme on dapp not a big fan of it… quite a few people have mentioned that it’s just gimmicky as well… love the clean look of new design.

I’m a bit thorn in this one. The snapshots here look amazing. On the dapp itself i believe the minimalist orange looks a bit more professional but on the other hand the retro image in the dapp kinda reminds me of Kavinsky covers and visuals which are also in the retro style and pretty cool. So in the end i’m going with with the retro style.