Studio Sessions Feedback

Feedback needed for Studio Sessions

  1. What do you think of the Wednesday, 7pm UTC time slot?
  2. Should we only discuss Blockzero content or do you enjoy a general review of the markets?
  3. Tim does a bit of Technical Analysis, should we include a 10 min slot?
  4. Should I upload a recording to Youtube?
  5. Do you want timestamps?
  6. Any other suggestions?

For those who missed it, here is Studio Sessions Blockeight - AMA with Umar on the development of $AQUA: AMA with Umar - FLASH development


  1. It will always be good to have a broader perspective.

  2. Yes.

  3. Not sure. Will there be project specific confidential matters discussed in the recording?

  4. Will be very handy if it is possible and not too much of an effort.

  5. Token/project proposals/ideas that are not yet taken up but are sensible can be briefly discussed.

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Thank you, I like to spend 10min or so on what is happening in the general crypto market

Yes they are very helpful to save time, will try to do most of them.

It might be an idea to invite some people outside of Blockzero to discuss tokens/projects

  1. Doesn’t matter to me. I will just watch it later on youtube :slight_smile:
  2. How about 80% blockzero 20% other?
  3. Sure. If he is willing. It would be nice to watch.
  4. Yes please. I think it would be even better if it was posted on the official blockzero channel. Or if they put out a link to yours on their channel so people can find it easier.
  5. Yes, Yes 1000% yes. It is so much easier to get into a video when you can see the timestamps and jump around.
  6. Just a quick one. It would be great if you could make your mic louder Dr. Luke. I am watching the latest video and it’s all very quiet. I have to have it on the loudest volume to catch what you are saying. Thanks.
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Hello Dr.Luke

  1. 7pm UTC works well for Asia, 5pm UTC would be the best. If we decide to change the slot then it should be a fixed slot for many weeks so everyone remembers it
  2. BlockZero: General View = 70-30 or 80-20 mix
  3. Yes, TA would be good
  4. Youtube videos are helpful
  5. Timestamps would be helpful


  1. This seems to be a good ratio and more or less what we do
  2. I will ask him, we just had a short chat when he was Citizen of the Week
  3. This is the plan but I need to speak to Anthony since he had a lot on his plate
  1. Timestamps it will be
  2. This is very good feedback, much appreciated. I just think it is time to get a proper studio mic!

Thank you Monk
I always enjoy our interaction and appreciate the comments you make on these sessions!

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7pm UTC is 4am in Japan, where I am. Not very sociable. That’s why I haven’t been able to join a Studio Session.


Hi Samuel

Yes I agree that it is a problem to get Brazil and Japan on the same call.
Even if I move it to 11pm my time (9pm UTC), it will still be only 6am for you…

I think I should just be more active in recording, editing and timestamping the vids


Very kind but it’s ok. I know it’s hard to get the whole world at a sociable hour. I have that difficulty daily with my work. But yeah, I liked the upload you did of the AMA with Umar.

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@umarsa was fantastic!
Thank you for the feedback

PS: Did you watch some of the Springboks winning the World Cup Rugby in Japan end 2019?

On TV yeah, wasn’t in Japan then unfortunately. But the 2015 match lives on in Japan to this day. Various rugby players are on daily TV shows here.

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A short discussion about current, general market conditions would be good to add some context.

Would be good as part of the general market discussion. Keep it minimal as TA can get a bit hand wavy.

Absolutely. 100%.

If it doesn’t eat up too much of your time it’s always nice. Maybe a bit more generalized timestamps as currently there is one every couple minutes.

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Thank you for this feedback. I was wondering about this point, also felt it could be spread out a bit more according to topic discussed.

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  1. I usually watch them later anyway, so I don’t care too much about the time :slight_smile:
  2. Some review would be cool, maybe the top DeFi coins? But not too much.
  3. TA is cool, why not.
  4. Idk
  5. Timestamps are always useful, especially for the longer content videos you guys produce.
  6. Maybe they could be slightly shorter? Idk about others but I usually skip to the parts I’m particularly interested in, cuz I’m not pacient enough :sweat_smile:
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Initially I did set up zoom for 1 hour, but recently I made it 45min. Maybe I should set it up as 30min and then make sure we stop at 45. The problem is that some days we have very interesting discussions or so many things happen in 1 week that we always take a bit longer. :joy:

  1. This is a good time slot, although I am yet to join one of these sessions. I will try and join this weeks if I can.
  2. A brief summary of the general market sentiment will be nice to have
  3. As long as its TA on bitcoin. I find TA on alts don’t work so well. Alts do whatever they like in a bull market lol
  4. Yes youtube uploads are good for those who cant join in live
  5. Yes timestamps would be helpful
  6. Would be nice to talk about future token ideas
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