Suggestion to lock some of the tokens (xlp, xsi, devs etc) with the unicrypt services

Unicrypt is a platform that can be used to automatically time-lock and unlock tokens

It is used to put at ease the mind of investors

I think that xio’s safety and credibility would increase if some of the tokens would be locked.
For example we could lock the xlp funds, and unlock 500K (or whatever is needed, or calculated) xio every month.

Or some of the devs fund could be locked for 6 months.

Citizens could suggest how long they should be locked for.

I am 100% sure and have faith in xio team, but we always hear of rug pulls, everyday, so having a blockchain proved locked fund could be a good advertising for us

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That’s nice! I was thinking about the reference value for XSI rewards, maybe it could help. To account for the XSI maybe we sum up only the XLP amount that people locked at LP + The value people locked for at least 30days… I’m not sure if it is easy to use tool but the concept may works.

Normally I am a huge fan of writing a smart contract with a time lock or when projects use third party providers such as unicrypt. I am in two minds as to whether this is something that could be good for the project considering the main reason behind “locking liquidity” is to prevent rug pulls. Rug pulling is when the project founders or substantial liquidity providers pull their liquidity from the uniswap pool.

XIO has a massive pool, one of the biggest I have seen in the tokens I have been investing into. The liquidity providers are also hugely diverse - I am pretty sure the liquidity provided by the team (if any) is minimal - maybe around 100 or 200 eth. The liquidity pool for XIO currently sits at almost 3000 eth with around 5 million XIO.

That being said, I am still unsure as to whether locking liquidity would help the project substantially compared to using the additional team funds for other ideas such as social incentives. I look forward to reading the comments from other citizens before making a decision for myself.

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IMHO we have already a time lock function in XIO smart contract it’s the flashstaking. I know that you can unstake but you must pay penality. So I suggest to use flash staking for paying XLP XSI devs etc.

as umarsa points out, have you seen the liquidity on uniswap, it’s HUGE!

I saw another project that is being launched, to lock LP tokens for a certain amount of time, and putting them in a NFT, so the owner of the LP tokens has still the possibility to sell, and at the same time the Liquidity is assured. I guess you can manage this with a smart contract. You guarantee a healthy amount of LP’s are being locked (in function of current liquidity, with a threshold), this LP’s should come from a LP Fund, that needs to be funded as well!

After thinking about it, I am not sure that liqudity locking is possible without modifications to the xio core’s code