Three gamification ideas that need some work

Hi everyone ^^
I don’t know much about the application of tech and these might not give a good ROI but I’ll throw them out here since I have worked with some gamification in other markets before and they popped into my mind. Maybe somebody can pick a grain of something interesting from here that could be used somewhere.

  • Magical morphing token, what if you could stake or hold your coins and have the rewards change in two different paths. It would be random if you would get path A or B in the end and it would change one or two times in the dapp inbetween as teasers to the end product or you could get to keep all of the variants. I understand this is silly in one way, why invest in something when you don’t know what you are investing in? On the other hand a lot of people like gambling. Maybe you could use them for something in the end like exchanging or burning for a common reward where the path As would get more but path Bs are still compensated in a respectable way. Maybe old tokens could be used, as a way to distribute them if needed. Maybe this is to much of a silly gamble idea to be relevant for blockzeros principles but I am throwing it out there.

  • charity event, maybe in the future a lot of people will have a lot of coins they are just holding from here but not using or coins need to move for some good reason like liquidity? (sorry if this sounds stupid not tech-sawy here) The charity event would give people the ability to donate coins for charity tokens, the coins would go where they are needed and people could trade in their charity tokens for xio but also choose a charity to donate a % to. People would get a throphy for their profile based on how many charity tokens they have donated for braging rights. Charity is overall good for marketing, ethic buyers and company credibility imo.

  • Avatars, collecting is always fun and a participation incintament for many people. What if you would get an avatar for each new tokendrop or event you are a part of for your profilepicture. Many don’t want to use their real pictures for a profile picture anyway. The avatar count could also be displayed on your profile for the braging rights.

Thanks for reading and sorry if it is all way of. I wanted to take a chance and spread some ideas in case they could be modified into something good even if I feel a bit out of my element here ^^. Have a lovely day!


I personally like option 3. You could combine it with NFTs, making avatars unique and tradeable. It’s a simple concept but a proven one.


I am nostalgic about the old games where your profile and site themes/titles/avatar counts/trophys was everything. It was like a resume showing your dedication and work. I still play some of them and I don’t give it up mainly because of the memories and effort I see when I look at my userlookup and see that 20 years badge and all those retired avatars which I can also use when interacting on the boards. As a person who love collecting I have went above and beyond to get some of them even if the task itself was not something I would normaly spend time, money or effort on. To own it as an NFT would make it even more appealing! Good idea


Not tech savvy either.

Magical Morphing, name is amazing no idea how it would work.

Charity tokens or a fund to donate to, perhaps linked to rewards so holders could donate a % which could be automatically donated. Could help cutting down on gas fees.

Avatars, collectibles.
People love to collect and the NFT art and collectile scene has shown that they can be great investments also.
How about creating a BLOCKZERO virtual gallery where citizens could display their NFT’s. Have themed exhibitions, maybe in house auctions. I mentioned in a post months ago that I believe a design/art contest for a BLOCKZERO NFT (New token symbol??) Would bring a lot of attention from crypto artists and collectors who are very active on twitter.

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I know a website where you have a stamp album where stamps drop randomly. When you have collected or bought stamps for a whole stamp page you get a secret avatar from it. That would also be a cool way to scale quantity.

I also love the name of magical morphing tokens. It screams buy me ^^

How do you think charity tokens would help cut down gas fees? sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Each month XIO holders receive rewards which they have to claim which costs gas. If they then donate to a fund that would probably cost gas. So if XIO holders want to donate a % of their rewards maybe it’s possible to have the % taken before their are claimed.

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