Top Analysis button for posts

So currently, if someone likes a post, there’s a heart button :heart: to press. This is great but stops at being just that, a like/love.

Can we introduce a second button for people to vote press :bulb: whether that comment or feedback was a good contribution or excellent analysis?

This will also help the team determine how to credit or promote the quality of posts - as it’s guided by the collective consensus of the community.

So in effect, a post can either be loved :heart: or appreciated for its analysis :bulb:, or both :heart: :bulb:

In the same way as the count shows next to the :heart: icon, the bottom of a post would look like this:

4 :heart: 7 :bulb:

That means 4 people generally liked/loved the post, and 7 people thought it had good analysis/contribution to the topic.


I think it is great if you can get more information by adding a button, especially if it gives you more of a means to rate the post without having to type a long comment.