Total gas fees paid from eth wallet

Not BZ specific …but still relevant

If all crypto transactions are taxable events(in some regions), surely eth gas fess paid can be used as tax ‘write offs’.

Thus, I’m wanting to calculate the total gas fees paid from my wallet/s

I have accessed ‘’ which is cool… but I need something a bit more official looking.
Perhaps on etherscan???

Any leads appreciated…:slight_smile:

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Fees are typically written off (or offset), but it’s more than likely that you realized gains in paying those fees, so it can end up being a net-gain, instead of a net-loss. add up your entire fee history, and tell you the market value of today, not when you paid each fee, so it’s not a good tool for that.

If you’re not using crypto tax tracking software, I recommend CoinTracking or Koinly. You can link your public wallet address and they do the hard work for you. Can also use exchange APIs too. Will likely need manual cleanup of some odd coins, but overall they’re worth the initial setup time. Once setup, it auto-syncs so you don’t have to worry about it. Both are also good for tracking your portfolio (CoinTracking is better in that regard), but both rely on coins being listing in CMC or WCI. Not sure of a crypto tax software that uses CoinGecko and gives a nice portfolio tracker too.


Taxation would be country specific, generally the gain would be taxable (Sale - purchase rate)

Thanks for pointing out that ETH Gas can be used as “write offs”