WASD (Weighted Average Stake Duration) -- Suggestion of new metric for stats.flashstake.io

I have a suggestion on adding new metric to the stats.flashstake.io page and that is ‘Weighted Average Stake Duration’. Find formula below.

Formula = (StakeAmount1StakeDuration1 + StakeAmount2StakeDuration2 + … + StakeAmountN+StakeDurationN) / (TotalAmountofStakedTokens)

Imho this metric would indicate how much flash protocol users are trusting the protocol.


We should implement this for XLP too


nice idea mate, we can extend a similar to all possible pools


this is a metric I’d like to be able to see on any dex tbh. nice one, Not only would this indicate trust. but also the turnover rate of lp providers in the pool. helping to gauge asset cycling. one could later use such a metric across multiple pool to approximate other LP’ers strategies. i.e are lp’ers compounding, are they selling to cover their principal, are they jumping between pools to optimize yield etc.

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