What Should We call the community?

So Dash was saying that what should the community called ourselves?

Chainlink holders called themselves the “Link Marines”

Lets get the suggestions going!

(Have no idea how to create a poll can someone help me out with it?)

  • The Flashers
  • Flash Gordons
  • Mobsters

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I have edited your post and included the poll! Feel free to edit and add more options if you wish :slight_smile:

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Flash Mob

P.S. Possible to reduce the 20 character minimum for this thread?

Flashers (drop the “The”)


Flashers already is being used so best we stick to it.


how about Flash Players

“Time Keepers” is my proposal


mmmmm, I like this too!

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I like time keepers. This one sounds like we are a very imporant bunch of people lol


This is the one (and the obvious). :slight_smile:

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I really dig the notion behind the Blockzero collective idea. While many projects rely on a robust community with strong engagement to propel them to some degree of top of mind awareness amongst crypto users, few open their actual projects to their same engaged community. Blockzero Labs appears to exist only because they do just that and that’s cool.
It’s a smart idea. Intelligent people from all over the world come together to gel on a thought and work through some steps. Blockzero distributes the fruits of their labour through new coins to the citizens!
Blockzero doesn’t exist without the peeps. The community building is in fact the project and the better it works the more fruits will be harvested. clover aqua flash etc…

A long read to get to Blockzero Heroes!

I think it really reflects importance of the community to the company at large and brings all the ideas together nicely don’t you think? (besides, I saw Link Marines used as an example and Blockzero Heroes is better. Every time you say it you reinforce the importance of the regular Jill and Jack to the success of the endeavour.

While I’ve held Flash for a couple months I just recently joined the community aspect. I’ve been reading a lot here and over on Telegram too - y’all are legends every one of you, but let’s go with heroes 'cause it rhymes!

Flash mob would be fun name xD

How about: Block Heros?

the Flash mob is a great name for the individual project - is the intention to build a Blockzero Labs community that builds and contemplates new projects or unique autonomous project support groups? They do have to live on their own right?

Was I too quick to go down the Blockzero Hero road that I left Flash without a ride home and no fans?

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