XIO/FLASH mining project

What do you think about the idea of ​​undertaking mining for XIO/FLASH? Surely we would get publicity of the project and a further loyalty from the participants. without forgetting the fact that the other cryptocurrencies have mining already active. Comment your thoughts on this topic.

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What would the purpose/benefits of mining be? Transactions are already validated through the eth network and no coins are minted through staking.

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What do you mean exactly?

I like the thought of creating more value that can drive new users to the token, but I don’t see mining being the way to go perhaps?
We have lps running for it, its function is staking.

Perhaps some sort of special incentives like we have xio-social? But special to Flash.

The team have been doing this with offering for videos, design etc.
Could be something where people earn fewer flash for simpler tasks perhaps?

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Excuse me for my late dispute. I did a full training on the subject of undermining, I did not come to an excellent conclusion. As I do not find it relevant in economic terms for the XIO / blockzero project. When I posted the idea, misunderstanding, I thought I had thought of it well, seeing many mining groups in Discord. Researching and deepening the topic I can no longer understand why it is so widespread. We really talk about trifles, I suppose it’s more useful as a basis for attracting people, business brokers. As @wintersminther rightly wrote
XID-6ca9 quote: Could be something where people earn fewer flash for simpler tasks perhaps?
In discord the Blockzero / unofficial channel was born, I would take inspiration, for example, from the channels present for some time on the aforementioned platform. People for giveaway / rain worth 0.000001 / 2 of the most unknown token in the world, participate all happy, thanking immeasurably … At the same time, they are induced to have to read all the various initiatives that the channel offers and sometimes , the affiliates as well. Perhaps, seen with this initiatory spirit of procuring additional investors, one could think of further investigating this topic. And as rightly ideas come when thinking about things, I would propose to change the title of this toping: XIO / FLASH giveaway / mining project.
Assuming that the rain in the channel in Discord, we could start it as well in a couple of hours … It would become the thing to focus on, for short range results.

I take this occasion to comment that I experience Blockzero as a huge project, truly brilliant. I am very satisfied to follow you, I am a beginner in this world and I see that by chance, I am next to brilliant, professional and motivated people. Personally I consider this topic closed. Sorry for the rush that prompted me to start a topic without knowing exactly the topic, I learned something more and let’s go on.

I think Schranz, that your underlying idea of finding a way of creating added value to onramp new users is one that’s always worth having again and again - this way we can also help the marketing team, hopefully, giving them more possible actions to take, freeing up time for them.

You mentioned the Dischord-chat - this makes me think of something that went on back when Bomb launched - there was these small minigames running on the telegram-group back then where people could win a few bomb.
This was really simple and activated a lot of people competing to win a few bomb.

I might not believe that a simple game would be the way, but it was simple and anyone could participate. But if we can pair the simplicity of this with what we’re doing with the Xio-social, we could have a potential powerful way of getting people interested.

If they get a bit of flash they will maybe want to get a bit more themselves to play around more with the staking portal.

On the top of my mind in terms of possible ways to earn flash it could be:

  • Sign up for citizenship + follow on twitter and youtube (then they might also enroll in the whole Blockzero xio-social ecosystem)

::All actions below will only be available after having signed up gaining you XID::

  • Do a twitter-post about what you think is cool about Flash what you like best about it - tag flash,blockzero.

  • Do an instagram-story talking about flashstake giving simple directions for where to go > save it on your profile until confirmation/x-amount of time (instagram is not a crypto-place, could onramp new people who don’t frequent crypto spaces - I myself know loads who never use twitter)

  • Referrals-system for new XIO citizen signups

Only question is - when is it not worth the work of keeping track of who gets tokens anymore? when is the time and “money” better used on just online promotion?

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