Xlm distribution as a synthetic on uma

Your ideas on how to get XIO into the world…

I propose that as part of the UMA accelerator we as a community launch a synthetic contract that tracks the the xlm leaderboard points accumulation across the month.

The idea being that it helps bring awareness to the fact that participants in block zero community get rewarded for their contributions. Also if citizens participating in the UMA accelerator were to also want to “bet” on the metric, it would further incentives the community to participate in the community mining for the month.

I would suggest that the contracts are minted as options, with a strike value and an expiry by end of month. but I’d leave the part for how this works in a financial sense to more adapt minds.

I think the oracle side of things is pretty simple, if theres a dispute the token tracks the total value of points accrued daily by the xlm leaderboard.

I guess the biggest issue, is that the points don’t go down. so this isn’t a long and short opportunity. which is why I believe options make more sense.

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