XLP Halvening Completed! We Need Your Feedback to Make it Better #XIOfeedback

I think switching the threshold is a great idea.

If the volume really is this low, then maybe we do not yet need additions/alterations to the XLP program.


Thoughts of my own:

Taking into account Samuels comment, I do not believe that at the moment another coin is necessary as it would spread the already thin volume. I’m not sure adding a coin and thus also spreading/expanding means of obtaining XIO would result to the desired effect.

I believe the current incentives are very strong and should definitely not be lowered, I will always appreciate more incentives (being an LP myself) but I think there is enough of it at the moment. It’s a great way to pull in more members, and our track record/word of mouth has to do the rest.

Just to clarify, the way I read the data was that actually the liquidity was too high for the volume. There is a natural growth in liquidity, but not a natural growth in volume, so the overall natural growth of the tokenomics has become disconnected. So, in fact, assuming a similar volume, split liquidity is sustainable.

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You are correct, I used the term liquidity but it should have been volume :slight_smile: I’ve edited my post.

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Awesome milestone!

  1. What new token should we add to the XLP? (Currently only ETH)
  • My opinion, echoing Mindora XID-80B82, is that a XLP with the future AQUA token would be beneficial for liquidity and feeding into what that project wants to achieve (if my memory serves me)
  • Another option would be a well vetted project that would give us additional community on-ramp.
  1. In what ways can we improve upon the XLP? This can be anything from yield rates and incentive structure go lowering the 1 ETH threshold!
  • Lower 1 ETH threshold. Although I don’t see this as being a huge initial priority.

My huge recommendation would be that we look at these initiatives:

If combined with:

Could create a MASSIVE on-ramp opportunity for XIO and create a great new utility for poorer folkers that can’t afford gas fees for flashstaking.

This ties into the XLP as interactions WITH flashstake/Aqua and future Flashpooling utilities could be the ways that people improve there XLP multiplyers! By exploring more things in the ecosystem of blockzero!



I love the idea of daily payout in the claim dapp. I and people ( :slight_smile: ) love watching as our money grows. This way the same way we can check our dapp and watch aqua grow we could do the same with XLP.

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I would definitely support this Steve. Quality long term investors that keep on adding to their positions builds a very strong foundation for future projects launching out of Blockzero labs. The more value and stability you have in XIO the better for all in the long run!

Yes I do agree it is a bit of bitter sweet but overall very positive. These % could not even be achieved yearly under normal circumstances. You might find a new project that offers higher yield in the short term but with probably much higher risk, not sustainable over a longer time frame and mostly not with the transparency in leadership we see at Blockzero!

Now this is a good idea, haven’t thought of that.
Why would it not work?
We already have enough liquidity and it seems that this will open up the door for new citizens to also get into the XLP very early on.
This is currently a big problem

1- I personally added XIO : DAI pair in June last year and keep it until august if I’m not wrong. I did that to see the difference and at least at this period it was better to have dai instead of ETH. But I really don’t want to have all my XIO paired with usd or any othe fiat after all those money injections. If we create some new stable that pursue a basket of fiats and commodities I would prefer that instead of ETH. But between ETH and USD I go for ETH.

For the first option if we are thinking in long term we should search for some stable not attached with only one fiat.

Terra.finance, just create a bridge to all their tokens to erc20, they have SDT an stable that is a basket of fiat but with the goal of add some commodities like metals, timber and water.

I have some friends that already are introduced to Blockzero but they don’t have or don’t want to concentrate 2 ETH (~ 3.4k USD) just for the XLP maybe we could cap this entrance to 1000 USD equivalent (500 in XIO and 500 on the pair)

Another thing to consider is the possibility of having more options (maybe an official list from BZ) @ UNI with the pairs people would be able to use. This way we can take advantage if there are some airdrop like UNI or 1Inch (perhaps Metamask, or Zerion) and take this opportunity to have those people on board.

When we received UNI I would love to have the chance of add all my UNI with XIO instead of selling it for ETH and then add ETH:XIO.

  1. +1 for an XIO/USDC pair as an additional option. I would jump on it right away! Nice impermanent loss protection.
  2. Don’t think the min ETH is still relevant at this point. Let the gas fees determine the pooled funds, naturally.
  3. I wish there was a regular snapshots of the pooled XIO, because I had the bad luck to add to the LP program when XIO was 0.86 cents. Thus my fixed rewards were calculated at a very low initial XIO and it doesn’t reflect how much the XIO has increased due to the ETH rise and XIO fall. Make the LP rewards calculating on snapshots principle like the AQUA rewards.

Let’s focus on fresh ideas for incentives for attracting new citizens! The current LP has been generous to OGs, but the feeling that you’ve missed the the big gains in the beginning may be a barrier for entry in the project foe some.


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Probably an unpopular oppinion, but I mentioned before that adding any stablecoin is slightly hypocritical.
In addition to the former suggestion by others of adding our own tokens or UNI I would like to propose DOT. Specifically diversification can be addressed by selecting something different than Ethereum based. And here Polkadot stands out in comparison to the other alternatives.

On a sidenote, I find the 1 ETH limit not concerning. As much as I get that people are frustrated that they have to save several months to buy in, I also think that it is suitable given the risk people are taking. Meaning, those who have to save a lot should perhaps not take big bets in blockchain.
As a safety measure the threshold could work just fine.
More importantly, the gas fees are also a big hinder for small pockets like me. As long as that hinder is not lower it does not make sense to lower the threshold in my opinion.

Other ideas to improve the XLP, make it simpler. I believe addressing the FAQs could be a good approach here. Given that the prediction of ETA for the halvening was rather accurate, how about we communicate APY during pre-defined time periods? That would also be in line with the importance of time in flash.

Another idea is more towards distribution of the rewards. It’s great that XLP rewards long term members. But would it be possible to have the multiplier broken down in smaller steps, for instance 0.1% per month loyal?

Somehow capping the maximum token payout for single holders could also be an alternative. If the long-term goal is to have a decentralized project I guess we have to address at some point the uneven distribution the current model brings.

Also want to mention, the XLP seems to be working just fine so any change should really result in an improvement so that people do not feel this project is unreliable. Please consider this as well in my suggestions above, some might just be too drastic to do any good.

Now let’s celebrate the halving with some cotton candy. I am really happy.

You can buy dot on uniswap? Is there some wrapped version of dot? Or do you mean putting XIO on polkadot/kusama?

I have suggestion that will probably be quite unpopular: remove the requirement for blockzero citizenship for XLP.
I have not seen in any other LP rewards program that would require email address.
I think this could be quite discouraging to new users as it is just not common in defi. Sure on internet super common but in defi?

I see the need for the XIO citizenship when it comes to XIO social but there is no need with the XLP users.

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Very true. The problem only lies I nthe fact that we are still a very, very small project still. We need at least a 200M marketcap and a much bigger userbase/liquidity base before splitting our pool in 2. But once (if) we get there, than having multiple pools is nice. It will happens on its own anyway, with users creating new liquidity pools. We might as well have official ones and include them in the xsi and xlp rewards system.

Yeah, i agree
No need to lower the rewards even more, after the halvening. The vast majority of crypto users don’t stay in a project more than 2 or 3 months, and just the hardcore fans as myself will hold xlp funds for 12 months :joy:

Because we have so much liquidity in the XLP compared to the volume I would suggest adding a XIO/USDC pair.
When the price of XIO goes down the pool will balance and you will DCA in and get more XIO. The opposite will happen if their is a big spike in the XIO price.

  1. Reduce ETH min entry to 0,5 ETH
  2. Add another multiplier for XLP holders longer than 18 months
  3. Reduce the multiplier by 50% when there is a withdrawal from the XLP, not the current model of down to no multiplier, especially if someone want to come back in the XLP after a while.

Hi Dash, I have a question why does this thing bother you, like the people who added XIO to XLP at 0.02 cents?

Don’t they deserve this reward? because they were the first people to help grow the project.

why do you want to punish them?

because if these people had kept XIO, how much XIO would they have now? can you imagine?

And the second question is: people who have deposited money for XIO in Uniswap are at risk of losing money if something bad happens at Uniswap.

but if Blockzero plans to create its second smart contract where XIO LP to store Uni LP tokens, then we are exposed to the second, even higher risk.

Don’t you think that this would have a negative impact on Blockzero Liqudity?

Yes I do agree that an early investor takes higher risk and should be rewarded accordingly, however I truly can not see how you can use the word “punish” here. This word means to inflict a penalty or sanction on someone.
Citizens that were involved from the beginning got a tremendous advantage and rewards even to this day. Adjusting the value so that it is a bit more equal and can also attract new investors will cause no punishment to early investors.
They will still earn rewards far above the industry norm and more people will be able to benefit that are equally as loyal and sometimes give even more of there time to the project.
Hope you might see some truth in this?

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Hello Dash,

Following are my views:

  1. What new token should we add to the XLP? (Currently only ETH)
  • Please add XLP for FLASH, and all upcoming BlockZero tokens, (all the possible combinations)
  • for partner projects we can have higher multiplier, token pairs can be with XIO or any of our home grown projects
  1. In what ways can we improve upon the XLP? This can be anything from yield rates and incentive structure go lowering the 1 ETH threshold!
  • ETH has achieved ~8-10x in last 12 months, its been difficult to participate in XLP because of higher rates, low threshold would be helpful to new citizens
  • if multiple pools are allowed, we should factor in a seperate growth multiple - more no of pools is equivalent to higher risk, so reward should be higher


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First of all congratulations on reaching this milestone

  1. Either a stablecoin such as USDC or a token in BZ ecosystem such as flash. I don’t see any other tokens with more benefits than these 2 examples (unless we are adding sidechains but i don’t believe that is on the short term roadmap)

  2. Lowering the 1 eth threshold is a no brainer for me, for people starting 1 year ago it was a good entrance but right now it’s a bit expensive for starters. Also as it was proposed above it could be interesting to peg the threshold to XIO instead of ETH

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I didn’t think about the volume aspect. Just yesterday I was looking at the unsiwap info page of our pool and indeed I was wondering why the volume is so low, even though our liqudity is high (I think we have more than 6m liqudity with a 100k volume).

We should find a way to increase volume as well i want those nice fees in my LP ahah

1.no please. I like the 1 eth threshold. Our club should be a little bit exclusive, in my opinion.

2.yes,this is nice, we should put incentives for super long term holding/holders.

  1. No. If you move you are out! Only true believers :joy:
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