Your ideas on how to get Blockzero Labs creations out into the world…

How can we have $XIO and Blockzero Labs steadily grow? Apply constant thrust :rocket:

Please, consider our core values… the Blockzero Labs Codex:

  1. Blockzero’s number one mission is to help launch ideas into the decentralized world.
  2. Blockzero is built to take the risk away from investing and strive instead for a zero-loss staking system.
  3. Blockzero didn’t do an ICO, and believes in community over capital.

There are so many ideas and components to XIO. As a new citizen, it can be overwhelming, and for the everyday investor I would say XIO is too difficult to understand as an ecosystem. I am going to work on a mind map illustration to show how all the components fit together at a high non-technical level. I think this is vital to gain adoption that isn’t just a pump and dump marketing campaign.

I plan to post to the group to get feedback and surely some more clarity with the various elements.

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Definitely something many would appreciate. I was going to create something myself. But finding the time :rofl:

Here’s something created by @ericbal back in May.

This is appreciated. How can I get my hands on the up to date pie chart to show the diversity of the liquidity pool? Seems like it was buried someplace in Uniswap. Someone posted a picture of 9 graphs.

I haven’t read anything about Dai Staking. Is that idea dead?

Well I did. Found here:

The info is easily found.

  1. Head over to
  2. click your pair and on the bottom right view pair on etherscan
  3. on etherscan hit the Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2) link
  4. that’ll display all transfers of that token
  5. on the same page you can choose to look at holders, than also displaying as a chart

There you are … wondering what to make of it :sweat_smile:

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That idea actually evolved to:

“Stake ANY ERC-20 you like to earn ANY ERC-20 you want”

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Hi Jorno,

Could it be an idea to setup a gamifikation site for learning XIO and the underlaying tokens and ideas?

Have users complete steps, earn points and small rewards for getting smarter about the project and from the site incentives users to share content and information to their own relationships on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on to help getting the word about XIO to the wider public.

Could be som certificate for completing and so on…

I know it’s not a small project but the payout could be fantastic, look how round1 turned out if you make a spin off from that then I think it would be worth the effort made the right way.

Just an idea, hope you can use it… I’m not a specialist on the area but would be more then willing to help out if it could help the idea on it’s feet :+1: