Zero fees for Flashtronauts? New Suggestion

[ Bringing zero fees to Flashstake?!?! ]

So my beloved Flashstronauts.As all of you i have invested in Flashstake however we can see that there are some sort of obstacles for small investors where they cannot afford to pay those gas fees. I have given this suggestion in the telegram group. However i wanted to write this here so i can get feedback from all of you. So, Plasma Finance is launching something new called Gas Station and Hyperloop( i am gonna leave links below).First of all, with gas station you would be able to pay fees using different currencies that you have on your wallet without needing to swap for eth(so no fees for this one).In addition, some weeks later Hyperloop is coming to play. The big DOG. So what it does in a few words is minimizing the fees to almost zero. Plasma is gonna launch its own l2 blockchain thus making this possible. So these projects are launching in the 2nd Q of 2021 meaning these months.Forgive me if i have not given a good explanation about them im gonna give the links below so you all can read what these are about. Is this the solution we want? If it wasn’t for high gas fees i would have already Flashstaked instantly! I hope you find it helpful for us and hoping that i’ve helped a bit this community by making this suggestion:)

Plasma Finance’s site → plasma(dot)finance as i cannot put a third link as well.
About Hyperloop → Don’t like ETH Gas Fees? Plasma’s Cross-chain HyperLoop Protocol Solves That | by PlasmaPay | PlasmaPay | Medium
HyperLoop - Plasma


**Anyone is invited to leave their feedback below.


Hey Crisb,

Welcome to the forum! Currently the team is planning to use the Optimism Scaling Solution to make fees more manageable. This could however take a few more weeks/months since the project relies on the release of said solution, which had a few setbacks itself. Current public mainnet release of Optimism is expected somewhere in july afaik, after which Flash can work in implementing it.

This current gas fees are hindering alot of people, so I feel your pain :slight_smile:

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Hello thanks for answering!! :slight_smile:
Did not know that but what is your opinion on my suggestion? Did you give it a look? They say they everyone can deploy dApss there and use this feature. Also paying in different currencies other than eth…isnt this very convenient for many people?
Thanks for the feedback again

also they will be launching it this quarter and it’s not gonna make fees more manageable but they are gonna make them zero.

When I have some time I’ll read into it as I was just showing you what’s being considered right now :slight_smile: Zero (or barely any) fee obviously is amazing and ways to minimize transaction fees should always be considered by the team. Whatever makes FlashStake a better project, right?


right thats why i came here to help in anyway that i can! thanks a lot

That’s a great idea. I have been following Plasma for some time now and they are getting a lot of traction lately. The more options we have for FLASH and the rest projects, the better. I don’t think we should only rely on Optimism, if that’s possible.